Prayer, Good vibes, Positive Energy

Where to even begin. We are 2 days away from celebrating Owen’s first Christmas. And I have never felt more spiritual during this season. When Owen was born, as many parents experience, my outlook on life changed in numerous ways. The biggest change was my faith in God and this world. There is so very much I could write about this, but I think the most important thing is that  Owen has brought me closer to God than ever before.

This morning I woke up as usual and my first prayer of the day was a thank you. Thank you for Owen being safe and sound and being here another day. Because we all know how precious life is and how quickly things change. So this post is about prayer and I hope I find the words to express to you what I am feeling in my heart.

I am beyond lucky to have a diverse group of people in my life. People that come from different backgrounds, countries, religions, families etc. And I am lucky enough that this has been used to help shape my beliefs and values and view on the world in such a positive way. I thrive on learning about others beliefs and experiences.  My Parents did an amazing job teaching my brother and I about acceptance of all people. I can only hope that I will do the same for Owen.

Thus I am very sensitive to peoples different beliefs and values. And here is the thing I am figuring out more and more. At the core of all people, cultures and religions is the same thing: LOVE. Like many, I have struggled in my life with my spiritual beliefs but I always knew this to be true: God is love. And here’s the other piece of it. Even if you do not believe  in God for whatever the reason (and I would love to talk to you about this), I can bet you still believe in one thing- Love. Because we come into this world with the most pure love. The love for our parents and in my opinion, the love from God. And with love comes prayers.

Prayers of peace for those we love. Prayers of thanks for taking care of those we love. And the word prayer can mean so many different things.  It can mean positive energy, good vibes, and so on. But at the core of it is simply the fact that someone in this beautiful but hard world is thinking of you and sending you a hug.

So during this holiday season, no matter what your beliefs, continue to send out payers, vibes, energy- whatever word makes you feel good- to those you love. Because the reason for the season is love.


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