The art of being still

Sitting by the fire is one of my favorite things. Cozy is one of my favorite words and feelings. As I type this I am alone in my parents cozy living room looking at the flames and I am so content. We have had a busy week being home seeing family and friends all over the MD/DC/VA area. The first week I felt out of balance, similar to how I have been feeling in Alabama trying to balance working full time and being a new mom. I keep saying things like “life just needs to slow down” or “I am trying to catch my breath”. And each day I wake up and start again and I keep thinking “tomorrow”.

Tomorrow I will be still. Well, now it is tomorrow and I finally feel as if I am still and it is glorious. I need to do this every day. When I first started practicing yoga years ago, part of the reason it was so life changing was because it helped keep me balanced, both physically and mentally. It is no coincidence that I practiced yoga today and now am finding the time and desire to be still.

Being still is so very simple, yet I know I make it complicated. There is never enough time. I have to much to do at my house, job etc. But that has to stop, at least for me. There is a reason we were designed to have a wake time and a sleep time. It is because our bodies and minds need time to recharge. There is so much to take in through the day in this beautiful, chaotic world. We need time to process and time to check out.

I read an article about making goals in the new year instead of resolutions. And for some reason that really resonated with me. So my number one goal is to be still and just enjoy. Hopefully in practicing stillness I will continue to be able to appreciate all
the joy I have around me. So here’s to being still in the new year.



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