Owen’s birth story- perspective 6 months in!

Owen’s Birth story

July 3, 2014. Owen’s due date came and went. I spent so much time during my pregnancy being worried about you coming early only to realize you were going to take your time. I started worrying about induction and c sections, both things I did not want. Because of the PUPPs rash I had been dealing with the doctor mentioned it might make more sense to induce. But I kept pushing the induction date back.

July 4 was a nice day for your dad and I. We had breakfast, and spent time at Aldridge gardens in Hoover, AL where he proposed. It was so nice to be together and be outside in the shade of course! We watched fireworks on TV waiting for our own fireworks to start happening. I had been experiencing some Braxton hicks at this point but not enough to be considered labor. I was also 2 cm according to the last doctors appt on July 1.

On Saturday July 5 I took it easy. I was so tired and uncomfortable and just wanted this baby out! Saturday night at 6 I started having regulAr contractions. Your dad was at chipotle of all places! I texted our neighbor Diane and she came right over. I will always remember the look on her face. I told her I thought I needed to wait a little longer. I had no idea how much longer!

I was up all Saturday night timing my contractions. They would become regular and then slow. By Sunday morning I was beyond exhausted. I knew I wanted to know my progress so our doula came over Sunday morning to check me.

When she came to check I was still only 2 cm. the day passed slowly as did my contractions. Finally Sunday night/ Monday morning at 2 am we decided to go to the hospital. When we got there it was very surreal. I kept thinking they were going to send me home because I wasn’t progressing enough. They checked us in and I was 3 cm and because I was so far past my due date and far enough they said we were having a baby that day. We thought Your birthday would be 7/7/14.

I was able to doze for an hour or two because I wasn’t progressing much. Early Monday morning they put me on a breast pump and the conractions started becoming much more regular. I still was in disbelief that we were going to have a baby that day. I called my mom and said to hold tight. I wasn’t sure what was happening yet. She completely ignored me and got on a plane right away! Those of you that know my mom would not be shocked by this!

As the morning progressed, the contractions started getting much, much more intense. I was still in disbelief that this was happening because I had been experiencing contractions all weekend and I kept expecting them to send us home even after they admitted us.

Contraction pain is hard to describe but like any pain it is something you just want to get out of when you experience it. In my mind I still wasn’t sure if I wanted the epidural. I remember walking up and down the halls with your dad and feeling like we were in a movie! But as the day progressed I was so exhausted and wasn’t making as quick of progress so finally at 6 cm I got the epidural.

Even now as I am editing this story 6 months later I still get frustrated at myself. But then I remind myself, like I always do, that the goal was to have a healthy baby and we surpassed that goal! You are a rockstar baby boy 🙂 I worry that the epidural is what resulted in the final c section but obviously there is no way to know that for sure. So I am still slowly making peace with it all.

Our doula and your dad had to leave the room for the epidural and that was really hard. Your dad said he was in the hallway really upset because he just wanted to be in the room making sure we were ok. Once I got the epidural I was able to rest for a bit. It was amazing that I went from the most intense pain to almost nothing.

Your grammie, my mom, arrived late afternoon. I remember her being there but don’t remember what time she arrived. What i do remember is her pacing and constantly asking questions! I was so tired! I constantly wanted to be checked and was very disappointed when I was making slow progress. Later your papa john and nana arrived. Everyone was so excited to meet you!

I still had hope in the evening that you might come on the 7th. But then it got later and later and slow slow progress. I was stuck at 9 cm for a long time. They started mentioning a c section probably somewhere close to midnight and I really wanted to avoid it if possible so they let me keep going. At this point it had been well over 24 hours of being in labor in the hospital. But really I had been in pre-labor all weekend!

I started feeling really discouraged about a c section and I was beyond exhausted. The best moment was when they gave me some quiet time before they checked me again. I felt like you and I had our first true conversation. I was imagining talking to you and praying together. And the main then we talked about was getting you out safely.

After my inner-conversation with you, we still weren’t sure what was going to happen. It was 2 am Tuesday morning. We had been at the hospital since Sunday night. But then the nurse checked again and I was ready to push.

Pushing was more exhausting than the contractions. It was surreal because I knew I was so close to getting you out but I had nothing left in me to do so. I was so determined and every time they started questioning a c section I responded with the request to let me keep going.

4 hours later and you still weren’t here. They basically stopped giving me a choice and said that for both of our safety you had to come out through c section. I was beyond upset but knew deep down it was the best option to keep you healthy. The one part I was so thankful for was that it was my regular doctor that would be performing the operation.

You arrived at 7:50 am on Tuesday, July 8 2014 at 9lbs 9 oz and 21 1/4 inches long. The doctors first words were “oh my god he’s huge!” I was so exhausted and medicated but I still remember the feeling of seeing you for the first time. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I just wanted to stare at you for the rest of my life (I still feel that way 6 months in!)

I was so worried able your Apgar score. For some reason I had gotten it in my head that everything would be ok as long as you had a high score. It took at least 5 minutes but they finally said your score was an 8/9. Relief doesn’t even begin to describe what I was feeling.

The next part was really hard. Your dad went with you to our room while they stitched me up. This was partly one of the reasons I didn’t want a section because I knew how much I valued skin to skin. Well I was thrilled that less than 10 minutes or so after you were born I was back in the room with you and we were doing skin to skin.

You tried to nurse within the first hour and you haven’t stopped since! Our nursing relationship is something I will treasure forever. Watching you latch for the first time was a true miracle. Your dad and I spent the first moments of your life staring at you in awe. Your grandparents were next and it was obvious they were head over heels.

The past 6 months we have all just fallen harder and harder for you. The bond I feel with you as mother and son is indescribable. Every night when I rock you to sleep I thank God for letting me be your momma. From the bottom of my heart I love you. Thanks for being ours, baby boy.



2 thoughts on “Owen’s birth story- perspective 6 months in!

  1. great story momma! We love you so much buddy boy! I can’t say much more than your mom did other than that we will love you forever and unconditionally. Your mom and I are better people now that we have you in our lives. Every moment is a gift with you Owen Michael- Daddy


  2. Ok your momma forgot to mention that the doctor said you would arrive on Monday when your momma was in labor. So of course your Grammie got on the very next plane! And your Grammie continues to be stunned by the intensity of love that I feel for you. It is just like when your momma and uncle John were born😍😍😍😘


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