Laughter Truly Is The Best Medicine 

It’s pretty amazing how one big life event can make you question every detail and aspect of your life. Owen did that for me when he was born. Life is funny that way. You think you are good where you are and then something changes.

We were ready and prepared to have Owen. I loved my job as a gifted teacher, we were so comfortable in our house in Alabama and life was settled. To be honest, that’s why we felt ready for him. Because we were settled. The plan was for me to return to teaching and for us to begin to raise our son in Alabama.

What we should have known was that he was going to make us question everything. Big things and little things. Silly things like what type of baby food to start giving him first- sweet potatoes or bananas? Big things like what state do we want to raise him in? And do we want him in daycare or at home?

What’s even more amazing about life is that when you think you have finally made a decision, only to have another life event happen that derails your plans. There is a reason for the quote “life happens while you are busy making other plans”.

Today was Owen’s 6 month check up. The past few weeks have been tough. He was sick and missed daycare for a week right after the holidays when we were supposed to be back in a routine at work and at daycare, he isn’t sleeping well at all, and some events came up out of the blue that have caused us to question what’s next.

But here is what is so amazing again. While I was sitting at the doctors office waiting patiently with Owen for his appointment, this little boy with a batman hat on made Owen giggle. And it turned into a fit of giggles. I have to admit the hat was pretty hysterical. The little boy, who was probably 4, could pull a string and it would make the batman ears flap up and down. Owen couldn’t get enough of it. And our new friend thought it was even better that he was making this baby in the waiting room crack up.

And in this moment I wasn’t thinking about where to live or where to work or what’s next. I wasn’t thinking about the pros and cons of all the decisions I felt I needed to be making for myself and our family. I was thinking about nothing but the soul-filling sound of my baby boy laughing at the funniest batman hat we had both ever seen. Who knew that it was going to be a Batman hat today that would remind me to appreciate the present moment and trust that the future will fall into place exactly as it should- no matter whether I stress over the decisions or just let them be. Thanks Batman.



One thought on “Laughter Truly Is The Best Medicine 

  1. Beautifully written! I wish I could have been there to hear these giggles. Thank you batman and God bless and keep our beautiful Owen and his momma and daddy!


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