Mom therapy

I love to analyze and think. What’s even funnier is as I just typed that first sentence I started thinking- is that what I really want to say? I am figuring out through this blog and book writing thing that writing is incredibly therapeutic for me. I am 29 years old and just figuring this out. That’s the beauty in life. We are constantly learning and being inspired.

I have always known I loved to journal. But I think being able to quickly go back and re-read a blog post on my phone makes it that much more enjoyable and therapeutic. And I think part of the reason it has been so enjoyable is because it truly is like a form of therapy.

If you know me, you know how much I believe in the power of therapy. Not only is my mom a therapist, but therapy has been incredibly beneficial to me over the years. And as much as I would love to go sit and talk with someone weekly right now, it’s a little hard to do with a 6 month old 🙂

I also believe in the power of words. That’s where writing comes in. Writing let’s me get all of my thoughts out. Granted, I am a bit more censored because I am putting it out there on the internet. But honestly I would say I am not as censored as I thought I would be. I am learning that the people I love and appreciate the most in this world are the ones that are open books. Sometimes I definitely say too much, but I am okay with that.

And it is so helpful to get all of these thoughts sorted out and into words. So as I continue to put my thoughts and feelings as a wife, friend, daughter new momma and just plain old human being out into the world, I appreciate you taking the time to read it and let me write my peace. Because at the end of the day, we could all use a little therapy and some peace.



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