The writing itch

I have decided I have the writing itch. Sometimes I wish it was the excericse and eat broccoli itch. But in my current phase, a writing itch makes sense. I am constantly on my phone while nursing or rocking Owen. Being on my phone leads me to blogs and social media, which in turn lead me to the power of words.

At first I was worried it was becoming a bad habit, being on my phone. But like I always try and do, I found the positive. And holding my phone makes me want to write. Just like having a blank page begging for words. Words are powerful. They are creative. They are soothing.

When I first started practicing yoga a few years ago I became instantly passionate about getting on my mat. I was going to 5 yoga classes a week. I was itching to do more and more yoga. And now years later it is still a passion of mine. I may not get to it every day. I certainly think about yoga every day though. And instead of an obsession it is now simply a part of who I am. I am starting to think this may be how writing will be for me.

So as I continue to explore this writing itch, it is exciting to think of where it may lead. And I am feeling thankful for words. Thankful that they can make us feel an itch that connects us all and inspires. Thankful that they are an outlet. And simply thankful that they exist.


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