The Human Connection

An old friend texted me tonight and it made my night. This friend is extra special because we met on a flight from Korea en route to our honeymoon spot in Bali. We knew right away when we met Amy and Jason on the plane from Seoul to Bali that we had a connection, especially since we were staying in the same hotel and we were both on our way to the start of our honeymoons.

The human connection is magical. It allows you to make friends with a complete stranger on a plane. It supports you when you need support or even when you don’t. It comforts you when you need it most. And it brings people together regardless of race, gender, and religion.

I have had my moments where I doubt the human connection. I get my feelings hurt easily and I take things personally all the time. So because of this doubt, I have started a list in my phone to remind me of nights like tonight. The list is to remind me of moments where I experienced kindness from strangers. Moments where my friends and family made me feel loved beyond measure. A moment like tonight where I feel connected to others even though I am sitting alone on my couch. A moment where I feel pure love and peace.

Because there are sure to be moments of loneliness in my future. But there are also sure to be moments of the deepest connection imaginable, those between all of us. So thank you world, for allowing and encouraging the human connection. It truly makes the world go round.



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