Finding Inspiration

One of my favorite parts about my job as a teacher and now mom is helping kids find their inspiration. We are meant to inspire each other. We thrive when we are inspired. But sometimes inspiration gets clouded with stress, responsibilities and just pure and utter exhaustion.

Today as I looked at my perpetual to do list I made sure there were items on there that inspired me. Yoga. Writing. Even cleaning. Sometimes you need the mundane tasks to give your mind a break.

Sheldon believes in the power of the mundane. The Big Bang Theory is an absolute favorite in our house. Sheldon Cooper is definitely the favorite. And he spends an entire episode looking for inspiration by focusing on the mundane. He even quits his job to give his mind a break to find room to be inspired.

Social media is another task that comes to mind for inspiration. I am one of the many that is guilty for being on my phone constantly. But instead of looking at that as a negative I have found the positive. Not only does it help encourage the human connection, but it also let’s ideas fly around that may have otherwise laid dorm-it.

So next time you are on Instagram or Facebook don’t feel guilty for looking. Instead see what inspires you and run with it. Take quiet moments to just be and let your brain rest. Find inspiration in little things like watching your child try and crawl or doing the dishes. And as a reminder to myself as well, find something little that inspires you every day.



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