The Village Theory

We have all heard it takes a village to raise a child. I am now a firm believer in that statement. Since Owen was born we have been so thankful for all of our friends and family that have stepped in to help. The form of help doesn’t matter. It is truly the thought, time or energy that is meaningful.

This week we were hit with the dreaded stomach bug. I hate being sick in general. But being sick when not only having to take care of a baby but also nurse a baby is a whole new ball game. And then add your husband being sick on top of it- I was ready to take us all to the hospital just so we could have help.

But that is where the village steps in. An aunt that skips her conference to help. A dear neighbor that takes your baby away for a few hours. Whatever the form, know that someone is always there. And even if you think there is no one, try again. Ask for help. I bet you people will show up.

We also have a lot of people in our village that live far away. And they still help too- modern technology allows you to send Tylenol in less than 24 hours door to door. Or a text message just to tell us they were thinking of us.

So as we are turning the corner of sickness I am so very thankful for our village people- near and far. It is in our moments of weakness that we can learn so much. And I am reminded again of how thankful I am for our people, but even more importantly, how much I want to show up and be there for them when they need us next. If we all started showing up for people and being a part of each other’s village, imagine what we could tackle.



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