Finding Myself Through Mamahood

Being confident is a struggle for me. I can vividly picture the confident kids from my childhood and remember wishing I was one of them. Not much has changed as an adult. What has changed is my acceptance and openness about this struggle, especially now as a new mom.

I am thankful for this battle. Because it has helped shape me. And I have learned so very much from it. But what is a bit surprising is how much Mamahood has shaped my confidence.

Being Owen’s mom makes me confident. Owen reminds me to say hi to strangers. He reminds me that my body that I get frustrated with and honestly ashamed of at times, did an amazing thing by bringing a human into this world. Being a mom helps bring perspective into my world and in turn, that perspective grounds me. And being grounded brings confidence.

Owen has taught me to appreciate little things. He’s taught me that I am who I am and he loves me whatever way that may be.

I love that Owen is the reason for my increase in confidence. He is helping me figure out me and this new role I am settling in to as a mom. I know that like all of my chapters before, I will grow and change as we evolve and settle into this new phase. But I also know that I will learn so much more about who I am and what my purpose here is and how I can help others. And right now my purpose is love. And I have feeling that will continue to be my purpose. And I am definitely confident I know how to love and boy, I am good at it.



4 thoughts on “Finding Myself Through Mamahood

  1. I can completely relate to you. I was never one of the “cool kids” growing up, I was an only child and was very lonely. That continued into my adult years. My children have made me strong of character. lol It’s amazing how a person can morph just from a tiny human being’s presence in her life, isn’t it?


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