Spring Break Bliss

Man it feels good to slow down. Take naps with Owen. Just sit and breathe. One of my favorite phrases recently is “ebbs and flows”. Having Spring Break is one of life’s amazing ebbs and flows; it helps us recover from winter and get excited for Spring and Summer.

This break has been a first for me because I am not with my family in Maryland or traveling. I am at my house in Alabama. And it is glorious.

Owen and I have gotten in a routine where we walk first thing in the morning. Then depending on the night before I either nap with him during his morning nap or I have quiet time with my coffee. It is the favorite part of my day regardless. I love the feeling of the whole day ahead of us.

This break has been such a helpful and gentle reminder to take care of myself. I got a massage. I am exercising more. I went on a date with my husband. I am spending more time with friends. I am reading more.

Yesterday after my massage I was talking about how relaxed I am and intentional in my thoughts and breathing during a massage. My massage therapist reminded me that it is just a frame of mind. She is so right.

Spring break in a way is also just a frame of mind. So as life gets busy again next week, I hope and intend to remind myself to slow down and take breaks. Take care of myself. And always be thankful. Thankful for each season as it changes. Thankful for the hope and excitement that Spring Break brings. And thankful for change.



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