All the Pretty Things

Research shows that if you surround yourself with pretty things you are happier. Ok, yes I totally just made that up. But I am sure there is a research study with something similar out there.

Buying all the pretty things is a struggle for me. I went through a phase where I wanted to be a minimalist because I felt bad for feeling like I was too materialistic. I also went through a phase where I wanted everything that I bought to be name brand.

But now, just like I am finding peace and balance in motherhood, I am doing the same with my shopping habits. But I have decided it is important and helpful for me to be surrounded by pretty things.

Pretty things brighten up a blah day. Decorating my house makes me feel accomplished and proud of my hard work. I love the challenge of finding a good deal.

I love Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. It also makes me feel like I have a plan for how I want my house to look. I am home more now because of Owen and I want to be able to feel comfortable and inspired in my own home. It’s getting there. It’s always a work in progress, which is part of the fun.

I have now stopped feeling guilty about wanting pretty things. Instead I focus on why it is important to me and I look at it as more of a hobby instead of a guilty pleasure. And I find joy in searching out and creating pretty things.



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