10 Ways to Drink Your Cup of Coffee in Peace

I see so many articles about “the 10 ways to …fill in the blank”. No one has yet to teach me how to drink my ENTIRE cup of coffee without getting interrupted by my 9 month old. So I decided I needed a reminder list for myself.

1. A sure way is to do it while baby is still sleeping. But let’s be real, most kids, including mine, wake up before the sun. So I am thinking now I will just be a night coffee drinker and drink it before bed. Easy fix.

2. Hand baby to husband or significant other. Again there is no guarantee here. If the baby starts to cry or needs to nurse, I am out of luck and the microwave and my coffee cup become best friends again.

3. Have the dog entertain the baby. This one works. Sometimes. And it is not always safe. So use at your own risk.

4. Put the baby in the stroller. This is when I get desperate. Because I know I don’t have enough energy to move until I have my coffee. So which comes first, the coffee or the walk? The age old question.

5. The pack and play trick. This one only lasts for about 5 minutes. So I need to be in the mood to chug my coffee that day.

6. Drive in the car. The problem with this is that driving isn’t always relaxing. And I tend to spill using this method.

7. Sit on the couch with baby and put anything bright and colorful on the tv. If your child is anything like mine, they won’t stay seated for long. So there goes the peaceful part of coffee drinking.

8. Hand baby to a stranger. I had this method work once. But then I felt all the mom guilt and a little weirded out.

9. Have the grandparents come in town. This is usually a decent method. The main problem is obvious. It doesn’t happen every day. And see # 2 because this method has the same problem.

10. Go to a coffee shop. ALONE. This is my one method that is guaranteed to work 99.99% of the time. The only problem? Usually you miss the baby so much you end up getting the coffee to go.

So there you have it. The top 10 things that are great ideas, but most likely won’t happen when you want your coffee. My best solution? I think when your baby is born they should put a permanent IV in you with coffee. That would truly solve the peaceful coffee drinking problem.



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