The “Oopsy-Daisy” Club

“The oopsy-daisy” club is a phrase I have heard over and over today from 1st graders.  This club is all about learning from your mistakes. Our art teacher uses the club as a lesson in her classroom. Today I realized what an amazing life metaphor this club can be.

I could be President of the Oopsy-Daisy club. I make mistakes daily. I am finally learning to be okay with these mistakes. As teachers, we constantly discuss failure with students. But more importantly, being okay with failing and learning from it. Of course, this is so much easier said than done.

Life lesson #3 from my students is being okay with failure. I know as I begin this new adventure I am going to fail. I have already started to fail with my writing and I am still officially a teacher for 2.1 more days. I have started submitting different articles to different publications. A few places have liked some of my writing. And surprise, surprise, a lot of places have rejected me. Rejection hurts. It feels like failure and embarrassment and doubt all wrapped into one.

When I fail, I doubt. And doubt causes a lot of anxiety for me. Doubt causes fear. And I know me. If I let it, that fear and doubt will take over. It may cause me to miss an opportunity because I wasn’t brave enough. Because I didn’t trust enough.

Others will succeed and I will fail. It’s just the way life is. But I might succeed too. One of my favorite phrases during this transition is “beautifully hard”. Failure falls into that category. It is amazing what can come from failure. As I reflect back on 8 years of teaching, there was quite a bit of failure. There was also quite a bit of success. As I venture out into the unknown world of staying at home and finding my voice as a writer, I look forward to the failure. Because it means I will have written something. Or tried something new with my child. And as long as I am trying, I am ok with failing.



2 thoughts on “The “Oopsy-Daisy” Club

  1. Great blog! You have such a gift of connecting with people. You will be an amazing SAHM and are already a great writer!


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