Speak Your Needs 

Kids are honest, often to a fault. In the classroom, students are often telling you exactly how they feel. Kids let you know what they need. 

My students are not afraid to say what they want and need. They don’t hesitate to tell me they aren’t feeling well, or share their current mood. Of course this doesn’t apply to all kids, but many of them are open books. 

Yes, they don’t always have filters and can say too much. And they tend to be a little self-centered. But we all are. It’s human nature to be self-centered. When they speak their needs, we know what kids want. It makes life simpler. Communication is easier and everyone is happier. 

The fourth life lesson I want to remember from my students is to speak my needs. This is really hard for me. I am a people pleaser by nature and constantly concerned about the people around me. I never want anyone upset with me. In turn, I always end up putting others before me. It’s not always a bad thing, but I get burned out faster. 

One thing I know I need moving into this new chapter of life is me time. Right now my mom is here visiting. I love when she visits. Not only does it help ground me, but it also gives me a break. And as hard as that is to admit, I need a break from being a mom sometimes. Not a long break. Just 15 minutes will do most days. 

I believe there needs to be a balance in speaking my needs. I need to do what is best for me but also keep in mind the feeling and needs of those around me. If I do what is best for me, I know I will be my best self for others. 

But even writing that sentence was hard. Because I feel like if I do what is best for me, I am being selfish and self-centered. So that’s where I will think of my students. And remind myself that just because I am speaking my needs doesn’t mean I am automatically hurting someone else in the process. 

Being a mom is a selfless act. You are constantly giving of yourself to make sure your child’s needs are met. But I am learning that if I put my needs completely aside, it makes for an unhappy momma. And that’s obviously not good for me, or Owen. 

Life is a balancing act. Speaking my needs is going to take practice. But I know I need to lead by example for Owen. I look forward to showing him how we can do things for ourselves, which in turn will benefit others. It will allow us to recharge and be ready and willing to help. Speaking our needs will benefit everyone. I just need to remember not to feel guilty when I need some me time. 



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