A Love Letter to My Parents

One of my favorite things as a new mom is watching my parents adore my son. It is easy for me to see how loved I was as a child and still am as an adult. I am one of the lucky ones, I know.

My parents are my rock. I realize that I am constantly thinking of words to describe the love I feel for my son, Owen. But I realize it is just as hard to find the words to describe the love I feel for my own parents as I watch with love and wonder at their transition to  grandparents.

Being a new mom while continuing to bond in a new way with my own parents is a unique and magical experience. I get glimpses of my parents as younger versions of themselves when they were raising me. And those glimpses fill up my heart.

I am lucky enough to have both of my parents living. I am incredibly close to both of them and I have a wonderful stepmom and stepdad. Needles to say, I am not lacking in the parental department.

What I am lacking in is the frequency in which Owen and I see my parents. We live 800 miles away. My parents are generous about visiting and we are lucky enough to have the resources to go back and forth frequently.

But it is challenging being so far from them. I sure am envious of the people who see their parents weekly, some even daily. In a way though, it helps me cherish and appreciate the time we do spend together.

I cherish the first morning moment. It’s obvious they cannot wait to start their day with Owen. My mom will jump out of bed at 6 a.m. just to see her “punky” the first moment of the day.

I cherish the goo-goo, ga-ga conversations. All four of my parents are playful, but with Owen their inner child truly shines through. It is not unusual for baby sounds from the grandparents to resound throughout the house when they are visiting.

I cherish the help. I know when they visit I will have a bit more “me” time. They are more than willing to take the baby so I can write, nap, sit still, read or just be.

I cherish the excitement we share for the future. We all know it is hard growing older. But when you are looking forward to going to sporting events, vacations or simply watching Owen learn new words, the idea of getting old doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

I cherish their advice. Between the four of them I have free therapy, medical and financial advice for myself and Owen. Our village is plentiful with knowledge and advice. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I cherish their love languages. I know how important love languages and communication are to make a relationship successful. I love watching my parents communicate with Owen in different ways. All four of them are playful, loving and generous in their own unique way.

I cherish their words. Because of the distance, words keep us connected until the next visit. Whether it is through a FaceTime conversation or a card they sent in the mail, the words mean the world to me and Owen as we hold on to the connection to them and anticipate the next visit.

I cherish their time. All four of my parents are beyond generous with their time to me and Owen. They prioritize visits, phone calls, big events and vacations. When they are with Owen they are focused on him and are willing to give me and my husband time alone.

The miles that separate us are heartbreaking at times. But they make the visits that much sweeter.

The one legacy I know I want to leave in this world is love. My parents have already accomplished this legacy with their love for me and my siblings.

Their love for Owen is the best part of their love legacy. Owen is a combination of all of us, which allows their love to shine even stronger and brighter. And believe me, I cherish that bright, strong love every second of every day.



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