Picking Up the Pieces

I am going to use a metaphor to describe a metaphor. It is probably a big old red flag in the writing world but, oh well. Metaphors have been on my mind and heart often over the last 2 weeks as I sit with the heartache of life.

And I have noticed in writing, that if words are the land piece of the writing world, then metaphors are the water piece. Metaphors help the writing flow and keep things moving.

I can’t help but feel that my life is full of metaphors as I sift through the confusion and emotions of my current situation. The strongest metaphor for me right now is the puzzle metaphor. It feels like my life can easily be compared to a puzzle.

The puzzle pieces are all here, but they are  jumbled beyond recognition. And right now, I am not sure which piece fits where. And I definitely have no idea what the picture at the end of the puzzle will look like.

I am confident about one piece though; my son’s puzzle piece. Owen started entering the world one year ago today. He didn’t actually arrive until 40 hours after he started the journey, but that’s another story. Owen is my biggest and brightest puzzle piece. He is the piece that helps to eventually make my puzzle whole.

I thought I had other pieces that made me whole too. And now I am not so sure. Now is the point in the puzzle construction where I pick up the pieces and look them over. I am examining the pieces of my life and wondering how and where they fit.

And here is what I have learned so far. Those pieces are not always what they originally appeared to be. Some of them are; the core pieces like God are the same . But each piece needs to be examined in my life right now. I believe each peace should be considered with love, strength, patience and respect. At this very moment, I do not know what I want from my puzzle pieces. And that is hard for my planning self.

Right now, I have to be ok with the unknown pieces. But, I am learning that my patience and strength puzzle pieces are much larger than I originally thought.

Patience is hard. Patience makes you search your soul sometimes. And it isn’t always pretty. But patience is also a teacher, too. Patience has taught me bravery and trust. My patience puzzle piece is helping me through one of the most challenging road blocks of my life.

Right now it almost feels like I should take my current puzzle pieces and return them. I kind of want a refund on life. But, I know that is not the way life works. So instead, I have to keep building the puzzle. I just don’t know which pieces to use next.

My life may be all jumbled right now, but I know my end puzzle will be one that people will stop and look at. I believe all of our finished puzzles can radiate love and light, if we let them.

I believe my finished product will be the kind of puzzle that makes the world a brighter place. My end puzzle is  simply still a work in progress, just like me.



6 thoughts on “Picking Up the Pieces

  1. I hate that you had to write this but I think it’s my favorite post yet….beautifully written. Glad you are picking up the pieces. I’m here to listen as you try and figure out where they go:)


  2. As usual very well written. I love that you can put into words what is happening in your life without being negative. We all have our own puzzle to put together. And I believe it’s the journey on how we put it together that is important. Do we try to make pieces fit that just don’t? Do we get fustrated when we can’t figure out what piece to put in? Do we walk away for a while and then come back to the puzzle to find pieces that fit easily? You really gave us something to ponder.


  3. I have become such a fan of your blog and your writing. I’m sorry for your current struggle that you are having to endure. Owen is so blessed to have you for a mommy! I admire your strength and your determination to pick up those puzzle pieces and continue your journey with Owen. You inspire so many women that are going through the same things as you. Don’t lose your hope or strength! I am eager to read more of your journey and overcoming these “bumps” in the road!


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