Being a Compliment Giver

There are certain words that are in my every day vocabulary on repeat because they make my heart happy; words  like beauty, faith, love, laughter, calm, patience, spirit, joy, peace.

Words have always set my soul on fire. But I realize compliments do that and then some. Compliments put the words into action and allow a feeling to be given life. Compliments are pieces of what we hold on to when sadness comes. I believe compliments are gifts that should be given on a daily basis.

Over the last few months I have received a lot of compliments. When life knocks you down, people tend to focus extra hard on building you back up with compliments. It’s a beautiful thing, because it is absolutely when you need encouraging words the most.

As my journey continues, I realize I still want compliments to be at the forefront of my mind and heart. Sure, I would love daily compliments from people. Who doesn’t love to receive compliments? But more importantly I want to be a compliment giver.

I want to spread joy and love and remind people of their worth. It is so easy in this world to forget or doubt our worth at times. Worth is such a tricky thing. Part of understanding your worth is simply letting your light shine, but sometimes that light is dimmed by circumstances.

Over the last 5 months my worth has slowly been restored. I’m still a work in progress (pretty sure we all are), but my worth is so much stronger than it has ever been before. And a piece of that is because of the words that have been given to me as gifts as I heal.

Randomly, this week alone, I have had people tell me I am inspiring, beautiful, strong. I want to give that love right back to them, multiplied. Because part of the reason I am all of those things is because of them; them and God. And God is really good at compliments. We just have to be willing to listen.

Authentic compliments are the best kind of compliments. They are the words that come randomly in a text when you least expect it, or the words that stop a conversation  because someone simply has to tell you in that moment how wonderful you are. Authentic compliments are the ones that are remembered, because they are the least expected and sometimes the most needed.

This world is so beautifully hard. We are all fighting battles and some days are harder than others. On the hard days, compliments can make a heart feel less heavy or a person feel less alone.

I want to be part of the reason someone feels safe, loved, valued. A compliment allows me to be part of that reason. Words are so soothing and grounding, when used the right way. My words are evolving and growing each day. But as they evolve, I hope and pray I can use them to build people up. Because making someone smile and feel good is what this world is all about: love.



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