Believing Little Things Will Lead to Big Things 

We all have them. Those moments and comforts that bring us simple pleasures and peace. Coffee in the morning. Smelling the salt air from the ocean. Finding the just-right pair of jeans. Underlining the most perfect equation of words in a book. Watching the sunset. Getting hugs. Giving hugs. The list could go on and on. 

Going through a big thing in life, like your own divorce, makes you appreciate the little things so much more. 

My life is so very different this holiday season than it was a year ago. My career path took a different and much more balanced direction. My child is a year older. And I am no longer married. 

But the thing is, eventually I want to be married again. And being married again is a really big thing. But obviously I am nowhere near ready. I’m pretty sure you need a proposal and an actual human being, of which I have neither right now, and that really is okay. 

It’s okay because it’s not my time to get married right now. Right now is my time to heal. Right now is my time to explore and learn and eventually love again. Right now I am focused on the little things.

I believe the little things are what will ultimately lead me to the big things.

Eventually I want more kids. I would love to publish a book, maybe even get another degree. I want to add more countries to my travel wish list. I want to run a half marathon. I want to go live and volunteer in a different country. 

But right now I am meant to do little things that are going to lead to big things. Raising a tiny human is no little thing, for sure. But the every day moments of playing ball and eating lunch and taking a bath and going to th park are the little things. The every day moments of watching him grow and learn and love are the little things I love the most. 

Going on a 2 mile run, or reading the bible, or going to the zoo; all of those are the smaller things. I have so many little things in my life right now that help make my life whole. 

I know eventually the small things will lead to the big things. Time will help with healing my heart to bring me closer to the big things. Time is one of the beautiful in betweens; both a little and a a big thing all at once. 

Even as I write this and my biggest little thing is sleeping in the next bedroom, I believe. I believe in all the little things and all the big things. 

I believe when things are broken they will be made beautiful again. The things may end up being different but they will be beautiful. I know this, because I believe. 



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