What If I am Right Where I am Supposed to Be? 

The wind rushed in through the windows, a favorite Dave Matthew’s song was blaring as my eyes took in the serene and tranquil setting of the lake I had veered off course to find. 

I actually laughed out loud at God’s handiwork. In the busyness of every day life, I ache for moments such as my lake moment; moments of adventure, yet simply being still and taking in the beautiful world He created for us. 

I wandered down to the fallen tree that looked as if it had been purposefully waiting for me to find and rest my weary and searching heart. I sat still in the moment and simply breathed. 

The sun broke through the clouds and for a few moments, everything faded away and it was just me and the sun. 

I crave moments in my every day life like my lake moment. But when I strive to create them, when I don’t let them happen authentically, then they tend to feel more meaningless and forced.

I think when we look for the meaning of life, when we look for our purpose, we are looking for the feeling I felt sitting on this log by the lake. 

We search for relationships and careers and paths that make us feel as if all is right in the world; that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. 

And then we question. Even when a situation or relationship feels just right, we tend to doubt and question. I know over the last year and a half specifically, I have done a lot of questioning in choices I have made and experiences that have happened that just didn’t seem to make any sense at the time. 

What if the truth was that every single moment of every single day, we are exactly where we are supposed to be? 

What if we stopped striving, stopped searching and simply lived? 

What if we actually started to trust what is instead of what could be or could have been? 

No more questioning, no more wondering what the next step is supposed to be. I know I say I want to live in the moment, but the reality is my brain is always elsewhere, thinking of the next thing on my ever growing to do list for life. 

I am not saying I don’t have goals or dreams or desires. I think it’s healthy and necessary to have all of those things. But I think the difference I am working on now in my mindset is to appreciate exactly where I am right in this moment; to stop waiting for the next incredible lake moment and realize that in simple every day activities those magical moments already exist. 

I have always known the truth and necessity of living in the moment. But maybe this time around, I can actually practice what I preach. 



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