One Simple Day

If only I could have a day of solitude and stillness. A day to be free from worries and questions and doubts and fears. A day to trust myself and my strength and my spirit and God. A day to simply enjoy, with no aches or haunting memories or fears of the future or repeating the past. 

A day spent in the sun by a river filled with rocks begging to be walked upon. A day in the mountains seeking out views full of majesty and serenity.  A day by the ocean, mesmerized by the warmth of the sun shining down on the tide as it methodically rolls in and out, in and out. 

A day of yoga and running and eating treats and fruit and pizza and vegetables and going to farmer’s markets. A day filled with the resounding sound of laughter and music and imagination. A day filled with hope and people creating and learning and gently growing. 

A day where all simply feels right in the world; where the stars have aligned and I trust the process. A day where coffee can be sipped slowly and savored. A day where adventure feels infinite and love feels endless. A day where love feels safe and secure and forever. 

A day where everything feels right and nothing feels wrong. A day where only light exists and darkness isn’t even a possibility. A day where life is lived full of boldness and freedom. 

Maybe it’s simple. Maybe this day lives within me. Maybe it only lasts a moment, but maybe it is the light buried within simply waiting patiently to be released. Maybe perfection becomes shattered and love, in all its forms, breaks through. Maybe trust and healing take time and that perfect day is simply waiting to be set free from my own fearful heart. 


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