I Write for Love

Scribbles in a journal or notes on my phone. Words and sentences that are incomplete, scattered and confused. This is what writing as a mom looks like. Wondering what the point of writing at all is when it seems pointless.  I tend to write the most during my son’s naptime. But I am realizing that … More I Write for Love

Finding My Word 

Words have always meant a great deal to me. I write down quotes daily. I repeat mantras to myself. I choose words to focus on to help keep perspective. But I cannot seem to find the word I am looking for now in my life.  Four days ago my life took a completely different direction … More Finding My Word 

Speak Your Needs 

Kids are honest, often to a fault. In the classroom, students are often telling you exactly how they feel. Kids let you know what they need.  My students are not afraid to say what they want and need. They don’t hesitate to tell me they aren’t feeling well, or share their current mood. Of course … More Speak Your Needs 

How To Entertain A Baby On An Airplane (and help Mom keep her sanity) 

Flying with a baby is an adventure. Flying with a mobile baby is a challenging adventure that should come with an instruction manual. My baby is 10 months old. He has flown on 10 different flights.  At the rate he’s going, he will be the youngest member in Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards history to have … More How To Entertain A Baby On An Airplane (and help Mom keep her sanity) 


Today my stepbrother graduated college. The same college my brother graduated from 5 years ago. College graduations are such a great place to reflect (and of course feel super proud of the graduate!) Big events like college graduations, weddings, changing careers and having a baby have brought all kinds of emotions to the surface for … More Nostalgia