Losing My Cool

I need a refresh button on my hand that says “do better”. So when I have a moment of frustration or irritability I can just click refresh. Last night we went to the Lebanese festival downtown. I love events like that because of the atmosphere. The music, conversation, culture and food just feel good to … More Losing My Cool

God is Love

The last few days I have had this post on my mind and heart. I knew as Easter approached that I wanted to put something out into the universe about where I am spiritually. And I have been scared to do so. I think partly because I struggle to find the right words and partly … More God is Love

Spring Break Bliss

Man it feels good to slow down. Take naps with Owen. Just sit and breathe. One of my favorite phrases recently is “ebbs and flows”. Having Spring Break is one of life’s amazing ebbs and flows; it helps us recover from winter and get excited for Spring and Summer. This break has been a first … More Spring Break Bliss